7 Common Relationship Mistakes


7 Common Relationship Mistakes

Have you experienced the path of friendship, love, passion, intimacy… and then, do you feel that your relationship is going through a difficult time?

Unfortunately, when staying together, your partner will discover each other’s “true you” that is far less than perfect.  The sad fact is that small things can build up quickly and eventually turn your relationship upside down!

Here are the top 7 fatal mistakes you should watch out very carefully – though they look really small.

#1 Small Irritations Turn Into Huge Crisis

Why does a girl feel irritated if her man leaves the toilet seat up, or a man get mad when his girl doesn’t put the phone back?

The fact is that your partner has the habit built up over years.  Trying to change the habit is going to fail.

Your Solution: Try to take this as an opportunity to show your care and love to your partner.  Putting down the toilet seat or putting back the phone is the daily magic of buying flowers and presents.

#2 Assume that S/he Understand

You may assume that since you know each other so much, s/he automatically understands what you mean.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  You need to talk about things with your partner in details.  Clearly describe what’s in your mind.

More importantly, don’t assume that if you do things for your partner, your love and relationship will last automatically.  Spend some time with your partner to watch TV, read news paper and chat/gossip.

#3 Argue before Sleep

In reality, the bed time can be the only time you can discuss things with your partner.   But watch out because this is the time to easily turn a conversation into an argument after a busy day.  We may say things that we feel sorry later on.

One Tip: Agree on a timeline such as 9:30 to stop any long discussion.  You can continue the next day.  But usually after you cool down, things become a lot more smoother and easier to discuss.

#4 Remodel Your Partner

The moment you stay together, you may find that your partner does not behave the way you want.  You may try to do things to “improve” him or her, such as:

  • To wear trendy cloths
  • To go for the jobs of your recommendation
  • To act your way

Unfortunately, this will make your partner feel that you don’t appreciate or know him or her at all.

What to Do: Accept your partner as-is.  Adjustment may happen but it will take time.

#5 Mix the Imagination with Reality

You may have your imagination (as described by you the “standards”) of your partner, such as:

  • 2 green eyes
  • A hot body
  • Wearing blue jackets
  • This tall, that slim, …

Unfortunately, the one you fall in love may not have all these – or none of them at all.

You may figure: “why should I accept anything less?”  Unfortunately the reality is that your imagination is just like a movie – when it’s over, you won’t see the hero any more in the real world.

#6 Let Romance Die…

When you first met your partner, you do things extremely romantic, such as:

  • Call to say “love you” every 30 seconds
  • Text each other none stop
  • Send flowers, buy gifts and arrange surprises

Romance can always be part of your life regardless how busy you are.  You can do small things such as:

  • Kiss your partner in the morning
  • Hold his or her hand when watching TV
  • Share some time with your partner alone for a coffee or chat

#7 Boring Sex Life

In a stable relationship, you may tend to spend your “valuable time” for other things and make your sexual life quick.  Fortunately, there are many simple ways to make it more exciting and your relationship a lot closer, such as:

  • Read each other erotic stories
  • Tell dirty jokes
  • Use sex toys
  • Try a different position

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