Can You Really Get Your Ex Back


Can You Really Get Your Ex Back?

How to Tell whether You Can Get Your Ex Back: Here Are the 7 Tips to Help You…

She’s in a new relationship, and you determined to get her back.  She’s marrying another man today, and you are getting stuck in the traffic with your last minute try… Eventually, you are there and get her back!  And you live happily ever after.

There are so many heart breaking movies with a happy ending from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, in real life, getting your ex back is extremely difficult!  Do you feel that you can’t live without him or her? Do you worry that you may lose him or her forever?  Is it possible to get your ex back at all?  If so, what’s the best way to do it then?

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Before your search further, here’s the first and critical question: Is it possible at all to get your ex back?

It’s the Time for a Stronger Relationship…

Are you feeling completely hopeless?  Do you feel that your life is coming to an end and  you get so hurt and exhausted that your life is now in a never-ending dark tunnel?

The good news is that many unhappy partners split once or several times only to reunite with a stronger and closer relationship!  For them, the separation is the valuable experience to improve their relationship, make adjustment for each other and get ready for a better re-start.

Meanwhile, however, you do need a good strategy to get your ex back, especially when you did something wrong (judging by your partner!)  It is critical to have a winning strategy that will surely work for your situation because once you try, it might be your only opportunity!

How to Get Your Ex Back: Your First, Critical Step

Getting your ex boyfriend back (or getting your ex girlfriend back) is possible but your strategy can vary depending on how your relationship ended:

  • Did your ex or you break up when you are debating on something “critical” and none of you want to say sorry?
  • Or the decision was made after a long period of careful thinking?

Once you get the answer for the above question, here’s the second question you have to answer:  Do you really want to get your ex back?  Is getting back together the best thing to happen to your life?

Do You Really Want Your Ex Back?

“I want him back!”

“I want her back!”

Surely you do.  But you need to question yourself, “Is it the best thing for us to get back together again?”  Except for the romantic feeling, you need to discover what’s really deep in your heart:

  • You want him/her to come back only because you want what you no longer have?
  • Was violence/abuse involved in your relationship?
  • Did your ex cheat you?
  • What was the main reason for the breakup?  Is it possible to avoid conflict by the same reason again?
  • Is feeling lonely the only reason you want him/her to come back?

Then you need to think about the future life: Is your life going to better if s/he comes back?  Will you make his/her life better?

It happened times and again that people tried so hard to get their ex back only to discover that the life without the ex is a lot better.

So… if you do go through these questions and your conclusion is still wanting your ex to come back to your arms, then the following tips will help you get your ex back.

Tip #1: No Begging and Pleasing

You may have got shocked when your ex left.  You may have tried every way you could to get your ex back: Talking to him/her and the family, friends to find out what went wrong and asked for one more chance.

Unfortunately, begging and pleasing won’t work at all.  In most cases, these actions drastically reduce the opportunity for getting your ex back!

The reason is very simple: your ex was ready for your begging before s/he decided to leave you.  Therefore your begging and pleasing simply proved that they had made the right decision.

Alternatively, even if it works, your relationship will no longer be the same.   You ex may view you differently.

Should you try your best to get your ex back then?  Yes.  But try to talk calmly and act as an adult.

Tip #2: Don’t Play Games

Some “relationship experts” tell you some sneaky tricks, such as:

  • Pretend you don’t care
  • Pretend you are starting a new relationship
  • Do not contact your ex for a long period of time
  • And more…

These tricks intend to get your ex confused and make him/her jealous.  They may work for certain extend.  However keep in mind that games are for kids.  To re-establish a solid and long lasting relationship, you need to be yourself.

Tip #3: Don’t Emotionally Attack Your Ex

There are things extremely emotional, such as:

  • Tell your ex that you can’t live without him/her
  • Cry and scream
  • Demand him/her to come back in a certain period or you will end it all

Your ex may get emotionally kidnapped and agree on what you want – to come back not for love but for fearing that some thing might really happen.

Do you think that such a relationship will last long?

Tip #4: Don’t Promise Again – Take Actions Instead…

If you have promised one or more times on something, don’t promise again.  Instead take actions and use the fact to prove that you did change this time, such as:

  • If your ex said that you never listen, keep your mouth shut this time, listen and respond with care
  • If your ex said that you bugged him/her all the time, stop text your ex every 5 minutes

Yet another promise won’t help. Your ex might have suffered your promise so many times that any new promises mean nothing.  Regardless how small the action is, you show your ex that you are indeed different this time.

Tip #5: Say “I’m Sorry.”

If you want to be Mr. or Ms. Right all the time, this might be THE reason why your ex left you.  In daily life, there are different ways to do things, and that do not have to be your way.

Saying sorry is a magic way to show your love and respect.  Try it now and you will be amazed to see the unbelievable results!

Tip #6: Bring Back the Romantic Moments

Most often, people try to find out what had gone wrong and who’s fault it is for the breakup.  This type of discussion can become extremely destructive for your relationship.

You may try the opposite this time: To talk about the romantic moments you both share in the past.  The deep memory will serve as emotional triggers that change his/her mind instantly.

Tip #7: Focus On the Future…

Definitely there are reasons why your ex left you.  Things happen in the past can be very unpleasant for both of you to recall and discuss.  Here’s the point: If you want to get back and move on, then focus on what you will be doing together in the future.   Unless your ex really want to discuss the past issues, don’t even mention them.

Both of you will need to let go the past and move on for the future.

How to Get Your Ex Back Today?

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