How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?


How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?

How Can I Get My Girlfriend Back?” you may ask.  Losing your girlfriend is tough, trying to get her back is ever harder – especially when she starts to date another man!

There are a few things that you really need to watch out when trying to get my girl friend back, especially:

#1 No Begging and Pleasing

If you really love your girlfriend, the moment you heard the bad news, you would definitely be shocked and confused. You couldn’t really think properly to figure out how to get a girlfriend back.  Instead, you may want to find out what went wrong and ask her to give you one more chance.

Unfortunately, in many cases, your effort for getting my girlfriend back turns into begging and pleasing.  You may call, text and talk to your girlfriend, her parents, the entire family and all her friends to find out the root cause and ask everyone for help.

The sad fact is that all your begging and pleasing will push your girlfriend further away!  Before she told you the bad news, she was ready for your begging and pleasing.   Now if it does happen, you simply prove that her judgement was right!

Keep in mind that to get your girlfriend back, you need good strategies.

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#2 Don’t Do Silly Things If She’s Dating Another Guy

Your ex girlfriend dating someone else is the worst situation you don’t want to see at all.  However, if this is happening, you need to keep calm and take proper steps.

  • First of all, is she really dating a guy, or this is just a strategy to get you back?   If for one reason or the other, your girlfriend wants to have a solid, long lasting relationship with you but hates you for some unbearable behaviors (such as constantly flirting with other girls), she may pretend dating with another guy to make you jealous.   Now get your girlfriend backis actually get your boyfriend back.
  • Secondly, even if this is the fact that she has decided to move on with a new relationship, being upset and doing things to interrupt will just push your girlfriend further away.  You need to ask yourself the tough question: why we broke up in the first place.  What was the #1 reason for her to leave?


Regardless, you need to take immediate actions now.  The first urgent action is to stop her new dating.  What would you do that?  What can you do to get her change her mind and get back to you?

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#3 Know What She Means…

The hardest part for a man is to really understand what your girlfriend means when she says something.  Unfortunately, girls don’t act like men.  In many cases, what they say mean something else!

If you are trying to find “ways to get my girlfriend back”, you will need to learn how to understand what your girlfriend really means.  Your misunderstanding can cause a ton of confusion and conflicts, such as:

  • You never listen
  • You never change
  • You always want your way
  • And more…

If you don’t understand, you will take wrong actions, and therefore you will do things wrong and upset your girlfriend again and again.

Some relationship experts suggest that you have detailed discussions with your girlfriend and ask her to explain more on what she wants.  This may or may not work.   The bottom line is that if your girlfriend loves you, which I assume she did and may still does, she would:

  • Assume that you understand what she means – if you love and care about her
  • Want to keep things romantic by not telling you every detail in her mind

Now, what would you do?

Fortunately, there are simple ways to deal with the tough challenge:

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#4 Change with Baby Steps

If you made the same mistake (or do something bad or silly) a few times in a row, and then beg your girlfriend to give you one more chance again and again, your girlfriend may not trust you any more.

It means that once left, she won’t come back unless you prove that you can and do change this time.

Here is the simple yet effective solution for your concern on “getting my girlfriend back”: Make one small change to show her that you want and can do it.

Keep in mind that when your girlfriend wants you to make changes, she’s thinking about a long-lasting relationship that can last for the entire life!  Therefore “small things” mean a lot to her.

For example, she may complain that you always want to do things your way – the fact is that you want to dress “comfortably” while she wants you to become more trendy.

Is this a big deal?

For you, it may not be. But for her, it may means many things: what if when you have kids and you want to do this and that,…

So why don’t you just wear the jacket she wants you to wear and the way she wants?

Making this small change shows your respect and love to her. It’s that simple.

What would be the steps to convince your girlfriend that you did and will make the change?  How can you assure her that this time you will make a difference instead of another begging and then going your way?

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#5 Go with Emotion Instead of Logic

In many cases, people tend to spend huge amount of time on finding out why the breakup happened and who’s fault it was.

There is nothing wrong in doing that.  However,  keep in mind that your goal is “getting my girlfriend back”, not to write a research paper on your breakup.

The secret is that logic thinking won’t help at all in your particular situation.   It is the emotion that will decide whether you can get your girlfriend back this time AND whether she will stay with you thereafter.

Here are the special strategies you can use as they are effective ways to address your concern on how to get your girlfriend back:

  • Bring back the romantic moments.  Instead of discussing the past issues and concerns, talk about the moments you share together.  This will bring back all the deep memory about your romance and love and make your ex think about your relationship in a positive way.You can also bring her back to where you initially met and do exactly the same thing you did for her the first time.  Tell her that you want this to happen again for her entire life.
  • Push the emotional hot buttons: The secret to get ex girlfriend back is to understand that there are special, emotional hot buttons built right in your girlfriend’s heart.   All you need to do is push the right buttons at the right moments to make her feel that breaking up with you was the biggest mistake in her life.

As a matter of fact, utilizing the power of emotion, especially the emotional hot buttons, is the key for your success of “getting my ex girlfriend back”!

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