How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?


How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

Are you looking for an answer on “How Do I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?”   Do you feel that the world is falling apart, and you can’t live without your boyfriend?

Losing your boyfriend really hurts.  Fortunately, there are “ways to get my ex boyfriend back.”  However, you need to be extremely careful to control yourself and do the right things in order to get your boyfriend back and get him to stay with you.


Here are the 7 strategies you can apply:


#1 No Begging and Pleasing

By nature, your reaction to the bad news is to cry and ask why.  You may get so confused and frustrated that you ask your boyfriend’s family and friends for help.   You may call or text your boyfriend every 5 minutes hoping that he will change his mind or tell you why he left you.

Unfortunately, these are NOT the ways to get a boyfriend back.  Think from your ex boyfriend’s point of view: before he decided to leave you, he was ready for your pleasing and begging.  Once it happens, you just prove that he made the right judgement!

“Then how to get my ex boyfriend back? Is there a way that really works?”

Keep in mind that if you beg, cry or scream, you are just pushing your boyfriend further away!  You may go extreme and tell him that if he doesn’t come back, you will end it all.  This may work for a short while because your boyfriend may decide to come back to calm you down – not for love.  But in long run, your relationship is going to get hurt and he may decide to leave you again!

“But still I want my boyfriend back!”

Fortunately there are special strategies that will work for your situation.

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#2 Don’t Panic if Your Boyfriend Is Dating Another Girl

“No, I can’t do that!”

I understand. But look at the situation now: your boyfriend may be dating a girl for one of the following reasons:

  • To make you want to stay with him.  This may sound hard to believe but this is a powerful strategy that your boyfriend may be applying to improve your relationship!   The secret is that people want what they can’t have.  If for one reason or the other, your boyfriend felt that you may leave him, he then pretends to start a new relationship to make you feel that you may lose him forever!Is this real? Well then, you need to dig deep into the reason why the breakup happened.
  • To seriously start a new relationship.  It means that he has decided to leave you.   If this is true, then instead of asking yourself “Can I get my ex boyfriend back”, you should ask “Is it worthwhile to try?”This goes back to the question: why the breakup happened?  Is it because that you were arguing about something “really important” and none of you wanted to back down?  If this is the case, you surely should try your best to get your boyfriend back.On the other hand, if the breakup had been carefully considered for a long time and both of you felt that the relationship might not be the best for both of you, then it may be the time to just let go.

“But I want to get my boyfriend back!”

If after going through the above exercise, you still decide that you want your ex boyfriend back with you, then here’s the strategy: stay cool.  There is no point to get upset and try something to stop your boyfriend’s new dating.

Instead, there are a few steps that you should follow and get your boyfriend feel that leaving you is the #1 mistake he ever made.

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#3 Accept an Imperfect Boyfriend

Do you feel that your boyfriend is not quite the kind in your mind, such as:

  • Talks too loudly
  • Has no taste with dressing
  • Won’t listen
  • Doesn’t understand what you mean even for simple things
  • Always wants his way
  • And a lot more…

Well, you then need to ask yourself: “Am I comparing my boyfriend with a Hollywood hero (or several) and want a perfect man that doesn’t really exist in this world?”

How to get ur ex boyfriend back is tough, but how to keep him (i.e. not to leave you again) is even harder!

On the positive side, you want your boyfriend to be perfect because you love him so much that you really want to stay with him for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, you may not realize that by trying to make your boyfriend perfect, you had been pushing him away day after day!

Imagine you were the boyfriend sitting comfortable in the soda enjoying your favorite TV show (well, with some junk food too), and your girlfriend comes by, not to sit down and hold your hand to enjoy the show (unfortunate absolutely rubbish from the girl’s point of view anyway), BUT to yell at you for 5 things WRONG with watching this stupid TV program!

And then imagine that this happens not once but several times a day, and 7 days a week, none stop.

Unfortunately, man needs respect too.  You can tell him that you do all these only because you love him.  BUT he may not be able to enjoy all these little lessons at all!

Now it’s the time for you to decide whether you want to accept your boyfriend as an imperfect, ordinary man.

If your answer is No, then please let him go.

If your answer is Yes, and your goal is getting your boyfriend back as-is, then use this special strategy to get him back today:

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#4 Tell Him What You Mean

If you are a romantic girl, you may assume that your boyfriend should understand what you mean every time you talk.

Unfortunately, most men are not even half smart as you would assume!

Men are logical animals (while girls are emotional).  The moment you are talking, they try really hard to understand what you mean by the words from your month.  They won’t be able to tell what really means behind your words or inside your body language!

“Are there smart guys at all?”

In certain areas, yes. For example they may be able to fix a bike in no time.

So… here’s the point: Tell your man what you really mean the moment you see he’s confused.  This is less romantic but he will learn bit by bit to understand and act properly.

Believe or not, your boyfriend might have done things really silly or stupid only because he didn’t understand what you mean, such as:

  • Won’t listen
  • Always wants his way
  • Does nothing
  • Careless
  • And a lot, lot more…

Now, your immediate challenge is how to tell your boyfriend that the communication will be a lot smoother and his life is going to be a lot easier IF he comes back?

Remember that if you don’t do it correctly this time, he’s going to get confused and scared again and decide to stay away from you forever!

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#5 Focus on the Future, Not the Past

There are reasons why the breakup happened.  There are things you really want to sort out with him.

There is nothing wrong with all these.  However, the bottom line is that you want him to be back and continue with a healthier relationship. Deciding who was wrong won’t help at all. Actually it hurts your relationship!

If you ask “how do I get my boyfriend back?”  Then the answer is to focus on the future instead of the past.

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#6 Start with Small Things

Getting your boyfriend back takes time, especially when your boyfriend is reluctant to talk with you.

The first step you need is to establish proper communication.  Keep in mind that your boyfriend may be very sensitive now to any attempt from you on your relationship.

Instead of trying to talk about the relationship, your strategy is to ask simple questions that lead to a Yes answer and then move from there step by step.

For example, you can start by asking him to go out for a coffee or a little chat “just as friends”.  Tell him clearly that you do miss him but fully understand and respect his decision to end your relationship.

Simply ask him calmly – just like a friend.  You will have a very good opportunity to get him to say Yes.

To make it even easier to get the Yes you need, you may also suggest to have a drink with friends, play miniature golf, or other things that he likes.

“Good! Now I can ask him for small things again and again and get my boyfriend back eventually!”

Well, you are right but the solution can be a lot better and faster: Please read the next section on using romance to get him back really quickly!


#7 Use the Power of Romance…

Unfortunately, guys are not even 10% as romantic as girls.

Fortunately, on the other hand, you can use simple strategies to turn him on instantly. The secret is to bring back the romantic moments you shared with him in the past:

  • Bring him where you first met or had dinner together
  • Talk about the romantic or funny things you did together
  • Wear the dress when you first met
  • Thank him for sending you the birthday card and tell him that you still keep it; tell him specifically the phrases you like the most


Did you know?  There are emotional hot buttons built right in your ex boyfriend’s head.  The key to get him back is to push the right buttons at the right moments.

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