How to Catch a Cheater?


How to Catch a Cheater

How To Catch a Cheater? Do you feel that your partner is cheating on you?

Catching a cheater doesn’t require anything more advanced than what you have at home.   Signs of a cheating spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend are everywhere.  You don’t have to hire a private detector to do the investigation.

Infidelity is a major reason why many relationships end. It could be for a couple, or for girlfriend and boyfriend.  Unfortunately, both guys and girls cheat.  If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you may want to find out the truth and take actions as soon as possible.

The Most Effective Way to Catch a Cheating Partner

Instead of trying to spy on the cheater, you can simply set a trap for your partner to give you the solid evidence.

You can simply tell him or her that you are going to be out of town for the weekend.   This will give your partner a perfect chance to either stay some where (NOT in your house) overnight, or bring someone else to stay in your house overnight!

How big is your opportunity to get this strategy to work?  Surprisingly, 99% of the cheating happens when you are not at home. It’s that simple!

Watch for Work Schedule Changes and Related Behaviors

This is the simplest yet very effective way to catch a cheater.  If your partner starts to “work” late hours in the office or during the weekend, you need to watch out:

  • Does your partner get a bigger pay check or more vacation days?  Depending on the company policy, this can vary.  But if none of these happen, you should watch out and check with the techniques below.
  • Call the work phone and check.  You can make a call in late hours.  If your partner never answers the phone, it shows it.Alternatively, you can call the main phone number (available on the company web site) of the company and ask for your partner.  The receptionist may tell you that your partner is not working on that day.
  • Drive in and check.  Some times your partner gets smart and forward the phone calls.  You can then call first, chat with him/her and then drive to the office and check.
  • Check the sexual drive.  If you usually have sex on Saturday and/or Sunday, but now your partner starts to tell you that they are too tired after the extra work, it may be because they just had one with someone else.

Watch for Changes in Using the Phone

Phone usage is another easy and effective way to catch a cheating spouse (or catch cheating boyfriend or girlfriend).

1. Your home phone is an important source to gather cheating information:

  • If you have call ID and call return, or if your phone can record and store the calling history, use it to see if there are any numbers that you can’t recognize at all.  You can use a special service such as this one to reveal the caller information easily.
  • The caller apologizes for dialing a wrong number or simply hangs up when you answer the phone
  • There are strange messages that you can’t understand but occur often

2. Cellphone is more likely to be used by the cheater for their affair:

  • It’s portable therefore allows the cheater to hide anywhere they want.
  • It offers more ways to communicate: talking, texting, emails.
  • It allows the cheater to turn off the ringing and leave the vibration on.  This way the cheater can choose not to answer the call in front of you.

Here are the cellphone signs of a cheating spouse:

  • Your partner often ignore calls in front of you
  • S/he whispers to the phone promising to call back soon and then hang up when you are around
  • There are strange numbers stored
  • Press *69 to check the calling history, you may see some weird numbers or one number may show many times during none working hours
  • S/he hides he text messages for one or another unbelievable reason
  • S/he steps outside, hides in the bathroom or somewhere else when a call comes
  • S/he changes the topic or hangs up when you come near
  • S/he turns the cell phone off before going to bed

3. Phone bills reveal the secrets easily

With both home and cell phones, you can check the follows:

  • Check the phone bill for the same special numbers, especially a number that you can’t recognize but shows again and again on your phone bill.
  • The length of the calls on the phone bill, especially those lasting for a very long time or showing often when you are not around
  • The details disappear from the phone bill.  If you see all the details logged on the phone bill before, but suddenly they disappear and you see only the total without and break down, it is a clear sign.

Watch for Changes in Using the Computer

You don’t even need any special apps to catch cheaters or spy on your spouse.   With the way your partner using the computer, you can tell a lot:

  • Your partner no longer share the password to log on to the computer or the email account
  • S/he turns the screen to a special direction so that you no longer see the screen information
  • S/he switches the screen display the moment you walk by
  • S/he press the same key combinations quickly each time you come near
  • S/he gets up in the middle night to use the computer, or spend a lot more time on the computer without a good reason
  • S/he starts to use a different email account and refuses to give you the password
  • S/he starts to spend excessive amount of time for online chatting
  • S/he starts to stay late or get up really early to use the computer
  • Check the browser for visit history to see if your partner is visiting sites for affairs, such as and

Watch for Changes in Appearance, Smell and Behavior

The signs of cheating may show on the cheater’s body easily:

  • Your partner starts to dress better and pay more attention to the appearance
  • S/he buys new, different clothing more often
  • S/he comes home with strange smell of perfume, cigarette or cigar
  • S/he get strange lipstick or makeup stuck on collar or clothing
  • There are hairs on the clothing that do not belong to both of you
  • S/he rushes into the shower right after coming home
  • S/he starts to do laundry separately
  • S/he starts to wear sexy underwear or lingerie
  • S/he has new positions or actions when you have sex
  • S/he uses viagra or similar pills more often
  • S/he starts to have plans and activities not including you, mostly with “friends” during the weekends
  • S/he becomes careless or gets angry easily when talking with you
  • S/he no longer cares about any activities with you and the family, such as:- Sharing a bath
    – Watching TV together
    – Arranging a vacation
    – Doing things around the house
    – Sharing time with kids

Watch for Financial Changes

Cheating spouses (or boyfriend/girlfriend) have to spend the money for their affair.   Here are the signs to spy on cheaters:

  • Unusual credit card charges on flower, gift, hotel or travel
  • Jewelry, clothing, accessory, perfume, lipstick and other items listed but never arrive
  • Unexplained cash withdrawals with increase amount and frequency
  • Bank transaction or gas bills at unusual locations
  • New bank account without your name

Watch for the Change in Car Use

Cheating men or women use their car a lot more.  Here are the signs of a cheater:

  • A lot more mileage
  • A much bigger gas bill total
  • The back seat has strange hairs, lipstick stains and perfume smell

Watch for the Stories Full of Lie

Cheaters tend to make stories slightly different each time so that they sound real.   However, once confronted, they will make another story to cover the previous one.   If this continues, you can tell that your partner is lying when you put all the stories together.

Sometimes friends and coworkers may reveal the secret accidentally.  For example, your partner may tell you that he’s going to have a drink with the boys down the street. Then one of the boys call to invite him to do other fun stuff without knowing that “they are suposed to be having a drink somewhere else.”

Watch out with these co-workers and friends though.  Usually they will help the cheater, NOT you!  They may tell you that the cheater is with them while he’s actually having fun with his affair!

Using Technology to Catch the Cheater

  • You can spend about $15 to a little bit more than $100 to buy a digital spy recorder from Amazon to catch all the conversation in the house or in your partner’s car
  • Similarly, you can get a GPS tracker on Amazon for only $60 and hide it in your partner’s car
  • For only $29.99, you can get a key logger from and record every key stroke of your partner

Evaluating Your Relationship

Except for the temptations from the outside world, one thing you may want to exam is your relationship.  If the affection and romance no longer exist in your relationship, your partner may feel bored and start to look for excitement.

Well, you may feel that this is unfair because you may be busy with your job and family. I fully understand and agree with you.  Meanwhile, there are ways you can do simple things to improve your relationship, such as:

  • Spend time alone with your partner for small activities, such as going out for a coffee or watching TV while holding each other’s hands
  • Do something special, such as reading an exotic story in bed or trying a new position
  • Kiss your partner in the morning before leaving for a busy day

Getting Your Partner Back…

If your investigation shows that your partner is actually dating someone else, it’s a bad sign that s/he may leave you to start a new relationship really soon.

How to stop this from happening?  How to ensure that your partner will stay with you for the rest of your life?

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