How to Fix a Relationship


How to Fix a Relationship

How to fix a relationship?

Fixing a relationship is possible even it seems hopeless.  Unfortunately, many people give up their relationship easily hoping that they can get rid of all the problems.   Then they discover that things become more complicated after they separate.   Fortunately, there are ways that can help you fix relationship problems easily.

Fix It Or Let Go?

Before looking for an answer on how to fix a broken relationship, you really want to do a bit of thinking and evaluation to decide whether it’s worthwhile your efforts:

  • What’s the #1 reason for me to end this relationship?  Do I still love him/her?
  • Are we too young or not mature enough to fix relationship problems?
  • Have we tried enough, or we are just too lazy or scared to try?
  • What would be the life for me and him/her if we separate?

By finding the answers for these questions, you will have a clear picture on whether you should go ahead and find ways to find a relationship, or let it go if you believe it’s not worthwhile your efforts or it’s just too difficult.

One thing you should not do is to find out who’s fault it is.  It is really not important at all to find the answer (if any).  If you want to fix your relationship, you will have to focus on the future, not the past.

Why You Should Try Your Best to Fix Your Relationship?

There are great benefits for you and your partner to get rid of your relationship trouble and re-establish a better, happier relationship:

  • Love and relationship is never perfect.  When you are together, you see things that you don’t like about each other.  However, if you end the relationship, you will miss each other again.  As long as you still love each other, try your best to focus on how to fix a rocky relationship.
  • Learning fixing relationship problems gives both of you a great opportunity to make things better and your relationship happier.  If you break up, you will have to start all over again and most probably you will get stuck again with new relationship problems.
  • One reason people breaks up is that none of them want to say sorry.  Is this your situation?  Did you feel that your partner is doing everything wrong?  If so, try to find one thing that you are not right and say sorry to your partner.  This is the first effective step to fix relationship.

How to Fix Your Relationship?

You don’t need any super intelligence to restore your relationship.  The tips below can answer your possible questions on:

  • How to fix a relationship after a fight
  • How to fix a troubled relationship
  • How to fix a boring relationship

#1 Talk

The key to fix a broken relationship is the communication.  It helps you avoid misunderstanding and fighting.  Here are a few tips:

  • Be willing to listen and talk
  • Avoid finger pointing
  • Listen more and agree with your partner whenever possible (never use but)
  • In a long discussion, ask your partner for permission before expressing your opinion
  • Make your speech short and clear
  • End each discussion with hugging and kissing

#2 Forgive

Do not keep mentioning your partner’s fault again and again.  Think about the scenario: If your partner keeps mentioning a small fault each time you talk, how do you feel?

What if your partner does that?

Well, the worst you can do is to mention some his or her fault to fight back.  But keep in mind that if you keep doing this you will be just destroying your relationship!

If you really want to fix relationship problems, then you may smile and ask your partner if s/he feels you have made improvement after s/he mentioned it the last time. If s/he says no, then ask for suggestions on how you can improve.  Don’t forget to give him/her a hug afterwards.

The magic of love is that if you start to respond positively, you partner will actually do more for you.  Fixing relationships is really this easy indeed.


#3 Accept the Imperfect

Are you not happy with your partner because s/he:

  • Is loud
  • Never listens
  • Always argues
  • Does not have a good job
  • Does not dress/behave the way you want
  • And more…

Believe or not, you may be using an image in your mind to compare with your partner – an image from the Hollywood movies.

In the real world, after the initial excitement of your love, you will find that your partner is just a regular guy or girl, far from the perfect image in your mind.

Instead of asking “how to fix my relationship”, you should be asking now “how to get rid of the perfect image in my mind”.

One thing can really destroy your relationship is try to change your partner.   Unfortunately, most of the time, you are going to fail.  Worse, by doing so, you are going to start arguments and fights.

Learning to accept your partner and appreciate the good points instead finding the imperfect ones can really improve your relationship.


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