How to Stop a Breakup


How to Stop a Breakup

How to stop a breakup?

The good news is that to stop a breakup is a lot easier than you would think.   Believe or not, the #1 concern with relation break up is that people don’t act early enough to fix the problem.  Here are the proven and effective tips that have helped people save their relationship and will help you this time to stop your breakup.

#1 Communication

The most important relationship advice for break up help is communication. It is important for everyone – not only those in love.

  • If you and your partner are not spending time together, try to arrange some time to do small things, such as having a coffee or watching TV while holding hands.
  • If you see relationship issues, regardless how small or big it is, discuss thoroughly with your partner. Do not try to avoid the issue.  Otherwise it’s going to build up and eventually ruin your relationship completely.
  • Be honest and open.  Never lie.  If you do it once, you will have to do it again to cover your first lie.  You will destroy the trust really soon.
  • Listen.  Be patient and agree with your partner as much as possible.
  • Be brief and clear when expressing your feeling and opinion.

#2 Fix the Issue

To prevent break up, you need to work with your partner to find the main issue and fix it:

  • Do you lose interest/affection in each other?
  • Is there cheating or infidelity involved?
  • Do you always want your partner to do things your way, or s/he does this to you?

Most issues can be solved once you work together and discuss in-depth.  Keep in mind that:

  • Never do finger pointing, focus on the issue instead of on who’s fault
  • Focus on the future not the past – regardless how bad the issue is


Important: Never try to fix an issue when you are angry.

#3 Be Patient

To stop break up takes time.  In order to save your relationship, you need to put in sufficient time and efforts.  It may take weeks or months depending on the situation you are in and the efforts both you and your partner put in to mend your relationship.

Whatever it takes to stop your breakup, you should put in 100% of your efforts.   If you give up now, you may wonder one day “What if I tried a bit harder?”. A bit more efforts may help you get through the jungle really soon and reward you with a solid, life time relationship.


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