How to Text Your Ex Back


How To Text Your Ex Back

How to text your ex back?

Texting has become part of our life.  You can use email or instant messaging instead.  However, you need to use a computer. With text messaging, you can talk to anybody any time and anywhere.

The beauty of texting is saying things that you may not feel comfortable to say in person.  This feature makes it an ideal tool to get your ex back.

The instant communication plays a critical role in a relationship.  Now, when you are trying to win your ex back, you can actually fully utilize the power of instant texting.

To start with, to beware of the danger to use texting: Anything you say will be sent instantly.  Plus, because of the frequency of the communication, you have a much bigger chance to make mistakes.

Therefore, before you start to use this powerful tool to text your ex back, you need to have a good strategy on:

  • How you are going to get started.  Remember a wrong message may stop your communication right away and you won’t have additional opportunity again.
  • How to get your ex interested in continuing with the communication.  At any moment, s/he may choose not to respond to your text and your efforts to text your ex back is over.
  • What’s the strategy to move your communication from texting to meeting in person. This is a critical step in restoring your relationship.

Text Your Ex Back Examples – The Bad Ones to Avoid…

So many people are trying to re-establish a relationship by sending short, daily messages, hoping that their ex will text back and then continue from there.

Unfortunately, if your message doesn’t trigger an on-going conversation, your ex may stop responding really soon.

For example:

  • What are you doing?
  • What’s up?
  • Hi

How to Start a Constructive Conversation that Leads to Good Results?

The first text you send is critical – especially when your ex stops talking to you.

Here’s an example:

“Jean, I just want to thank you for the special favor you did for me last Friday.”

This simple message will trigger a ton of interest and make your ex think:

  • He really thanks me for the special favor, is he not upset now?
  • What did I do for he last Friday?
  • What was so special?
  • He doesn’t sound sad at all. Is he dating some other girl?


Most probably, your ex will text back for curiosity.  Plus, this short message will make your ex think about the romantic moments shared with your and trigger the emotion and feeling deep in his/her mind.

What would you say when your ex texts back?

How to fully utilize the power of the text message to get your ex back today?

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