I Want You Back Poems for Her


I Want You Back Poems for Her

I Want You Back Poems for Her…

You loved her and she loved you.  But now she left you.  I miss u poems for her tell the world your sadness and loneliness.

I want you back poem one

Sitting by the river
Dreaming through my reflection
I wonder what has happened What has caused this distance

We used to be together
Cuddling close to each other
What came between our beautiful love?
I don’t know, though I wish to

I can see you now, not alone
You’re holding a hand, that’s not mine
Where am I?
Why not next to you
Why am I away?
I don’t understand

You’re smiling to the fullest
I am not the one making you happy
You are glancing at someone else
Why is it not me?

Seeing you after such a long time…
My heart sighs again
Some thing inside me growls loud
Cause now your hand runs thru her hair

I stand some distance well away
But the surroundings disappear
When I look at you,
I feel lost inside I wish you back, my angel

There you are, holding her hand
And I am lost, trying to understand…
I want you back, I really do Just to hold your hand
And walk with you

I want you back poems for a girl – #2

Im sitting here alone
realising your gone
i know i cant change things
i know i was wrong

they all say i dont need you
they all say im better off
they dont understand i love you
yet i never said it enough

i regret what i did
but i cant take it back
wish i could hold you
i want you back

i know you deserve better
i know im messed up
but cant go on without you
i miss you so much

baby im sorry i know i said it before
i mean it more than ever
knowing our loves now behind a closed door

i didnt realise what i had
till i lost you my heart bleeds inside
i cant forget you

cant you find it in your heart
to forgive me love me once again
tell me everythings alright
tell me its not the end

yet i know the end is now
i know youll never love me again
im sorry baby that i was the one to let you down

Want you back love poems – #3

Now that I lost you
I see how much I needed you
Now that your gone Everything
I had is gone
I’ll give it time Time is all i’ve got
I want to be back in your arms
I want you back in my arms
You are the love of my life
Your are the reason for my life I love you
I need you
I want you back
I need you back



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